About NostalgiaDr & “The Nest”

I’m Daryle Hier (aka NostalgiaDr) and along with Ron, my father, are the principals of Eagle2Team.com and Eagle II Motorsports Marketing.  Using our many years of experience in both business and racing together, we’ve formed the nucleus of the Eagle II Nostalgia Top Fuel drag racing team.   Along with working towards reviving our Nostalgia Top Fuel racing team, we also help a selected few others to obtain partnerships in one of the most exciting and moving sports there is – Front-Engine 100% Nitro-burning Top Fuel Dragsters (& Funny Cars when warranted).

Here on The Nest, you can gain a better look at the two Hier’s and how we’re thinking.  It could be scary.  We will throw all sorts of subjects into the hopper here but our main love is Nostalgia drag racing – maybe the only sport growing in today’s recessional environment.  Let us know your thoughts and we will certainly let you know ours.

Ron and Daryle Hier

2 responses to “About NostalgiaDr & “The Nest”

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  2. Bill Hier

    Great article on twin engine dragsters I watched Clem Johnson at San Fernando also the Fright Train. Bill

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