Bo Doesn’t Know Drag Racing – $%&#!


or – Lucy pulled the football away from Charlie Brown again.  $#%@!

I was enjoying the beautiful sunny Central Coast weather, working in the yard during the day.  It was on the hot side but I had to get some work done, including a little ditch digging.  That was okay because later in the day, I was heading off to a big cigar dinner gathering in Paso Robles with maybe the leading man on the front lines of trying to save the cigar industry: Rocky Patel.

I didn’t have the time to watch the NHRA drag racing qualifying at the inaugural event in Epping, New Hampshire (New England Nationals).  However, this isn’t a problem because I can DVR the ESPN2 show and watch later that night when I get back from the dinner.  Wrong.

The old switcheroo

There was a problem because unbeknownst to me, ESPN had decided that the show wouldn’t appear on ESPN2 but instead, they had it on ESPN.  See I’m used to ESPN and NHRA screwing with time elements of when they’ll show drag racing and I always make sure to add an extra hour – or even two sometimes – because you never know when the women’s ping pong show might run a little late and push drag racing back.  I’m not shitting you … it happens.

However, moving the show over to another channel is a little hard to foresee.  So, I like millions of other drag racing fans instead, were able to watch all you needed to know about Bo Jackson.  Now, Bo was quite an athlete but when the schedule states drag racing should be on, don’t you think, well, I don’t know, that maybe … A DRAG RACE SHOULD BE ON!  $#%@!

and Todd too

Of course, I fast forwarded through hoping against hope that there’d be something looking like a drag race but no, it was Bo all the way through for an hour and a half.  The last half hour led into another segment on a different athlete and this one was worse, Todd Marinovich.  Ever hear a story about someone who was extremely gifted and talented but threw it all away?  That’s Marinovich.  BUT I DON’T CARE!

What I do care about it is drag racing, but obviously ESPN and to some extent, NHRA, just don’t give a hoot about the quality of coverage the sport gets.  Yes, I’ve ranted about this before but it doesn’t change the fact that as a drag racing fan, we are at best, second class citizens.  Why it happens, I have no idea but this has to stop.  Someone needs to get through to these nimrods at ESPN and NHRA that it would be nice if we had some rp-edgesemblance of regular television coverage.  That’s all.

I did get to meet and talk for a short time with Rocky Patel, which made the day not a total dud.  Anyway, my evening was spent outside having a late after-dinner cigar – a Rocky Patel, what else – with a good Zin.  So I guess I’ll just keep the wine ready and anytime I need to drown my sorrows again, I’ll be ready.  $#%@!

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7 responses to “Bo Doesn’t Know Drag Racing – $%&#!

  1. Charles Everett

    ESPN’s main channel planned to show an elimination game in the College World Series on Saturday night. Because that ballgame was not necessary, ESPN moved NHRA to the main channel and ran “30 for 30” movies on ESPN2.

    That updated TV info was on the homepage all day Saturday. Had you checked you could have planned accordingly. Instead you blindly attacked ESPN as if they didn’t know what they were doing.

    Next time, check the facts before you write.

    • IF I was home to check my computer and make sure that the listed show in all the TV programs had changed for some odd reasons – that I nor anyone else would think to check – then yes, it was possible I could have found out that programming was changed from one channel to another. Except that is about as absurd an idea as anyone can come up with. Excuses can be offered up for ESPN and NHRA, but that is all it is, an excuse. The fact is, drag racing has some of the worse programming of any sport I know of. Shame on them.

  2. John Kearns

    A friend of mine who is well connected in the NHRA circles has told me that the NHRA has to pay for it’s races to get coverage, if this is true , that could explain why the NHRA gets pushed around like they do. Their product just isn’t in demand and ESPN doesn’t care if they take their business else where. Maybe you could check into this and see if what I was told is true or if I misunderstood my friend.

  3. Bill Williams

    The TV coverage for drag racing is horrible and whatever business deal ESPN and NHRA have is for their benefit and not mine. This is bulls*** and something needs to be done about it.

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