April 15 2013: A Reminder Of What Really Matters

Sitting down to write on a Monday morning isn’t the hardest thing to do.  Yes, I have to decipher what looks like a better story than others when usually there are too many to choose from.  This weekend was a little light for racing but the young guns in NASCAR seemed to jump out at me and I wrote about the up-and-coming teenagers in NASCAR (source: Examiner).  Fine, I did that.

On a personal front, the vegetable garden is up and running and now for the next few weeks I have to watch for the seedlings and keep an eye on everything to make sure the watering is right.  Hey, I know, what’s a racing and football guy doing in a garden?  When you have your own fresh organic salad, pickles, peppers, beans, tomato sauce or salsa, then you might understand.  Yet, it’s fair for you wonder if I’ve lost it.  So back to racing.

Family based clean drag racing

Nostalgia, China and …

Now I’m thinking about what excites me writing-wise and why Nostalgia drag racing has such huge crowds yet can’t seem to find media outlet to showcase the incredible sights and sounds of these unbelievable happenings.  I write about college football and there are a few tidbits to write on but I’m preoccupied by the newswire saying China isn’t doing as well as can be expected.  What!? China!? What does that have to do with drag racing? Or sports, for that matter.

Okay, I buckle down and notice a story about Brad Keselowski in NASCAR — I’m kind of a Brad K fan.  However, I’m just not getting a good vibe on writing … but then it’s hard to get excited on April 15, Tax Day.  Whatever you’re political leanings, this day isn’t a good day to cherish.  There’s something about a capitalistic system that takes your money because you earn it that doesn’t seem right.

Back to writing, but as I start in on Brad K, the newservice I’m using says the stock market is tanking on news Gold is down 10%.  Ah, I used to be a commodity trader and I’d love to get into some of that.  Wait, shouldn’t I be writing about sports.  Yes, that’s right and I press on.


However, then a more important story pops up.  Uh oh, it’s finally happened again.  More than 11 years after our last and most horrific bombing on 9-11, we have another bombing (source: Boston Herald).  This time it’s in Boston at the Boston Marathon — one of the premier sporting events in the world.

Boston Marathon winners April 15, 2013.

Boston Marathon winners April 15, 2013.

April 15, 2013, becomes a day that we might not want to think about.  Taking money because we earn it.  A offshore power affecting what happens here.  One of our only safe havens nowadays with Gold is not so safe.  And speaking of safe, terrorist have struck again at one of our hallowed sporting events.

That kind of keeps things in perspective.  Is it important that we dilly dally about bullet trains, Beiber, the Kardashians, how Mike Tyson lost over 100 pounds or even whether a whacked job in North Korea is our biggest concern?

Yes, we have normal lives and we can’t obsess about things beyond our control.  Still, a day like today reminds us that there are bigger life and death issues than what were going to watch on television or the next party we’re going to or how the Kardashian’s butts are doing.

So now, like most everyone else, I’m preoccupied and concerned for those in Boston and their families.  Our American society will survive but we need to keep a little more diligent eye on what goes on.

Better go check on the garden.

Additional source: CNBC

Daryle W. Hier

Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

Plants, Seeds & Bulbs

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing

I’m still learning, so go here for info on gardens


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  1. Jo

    Well, there are so many stories within your blog that it’s hard to comment on any one thing. All of the issues you hit on are rather intertwined just like all the stuff of life is connected one way or the other. So, I’ll just say: great blog…loved it.

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