What Do Kate Upton And Winternationals Have In Common?

They disguise the winter.

Nearly always starting in the middle of winter, the Winternationals brings us the biggest, baddest, most outrageously striking works of beauty this side of Kate Upton – who is fortunately for us, gracing the front cover of Sports Illustrated in their annual swimsuit issue for 2013 – by the way, you can go here to get your own.

Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Issue Cover - Kate Upton

Sports Illustrated 2013 Swimsuit Issue Cover
Kate Upton

It’s also a great time of year when we know the sounds of motorsports and in particular drag racing, essentially will lead us out of winter and into the spring and racing to our hearts content.

Pomona can be a striking place this time of year with the snow-capped San Gabriel Mountains in the background even if the weather isn’t always cooperating.  But luckily in 2013, with warmth being in abundance – thank God for global warming –  the weather of the Winternationals will be comfortably warm.  High temperatures will be in the mid-70s and except for a little wind Friday and a few clouds on Saturday, the meteorologist say it will be mostly clear spring-like weather with lows in the 40s.

See, whereas the lovely Miss Upton warms the cockles of your heart, so does drag racing.  And so will the Southern California weather where once again, it will remind the 20 million people who live there, why they endure the concrete jungle that is traffic, smog in a big nasty city.

It’s Winternationals time with racing beginning Thursday February 14th.  Hey, speaking of hearts and the 14th, that’s Valentine’s Day!  It’s like everything ties together in a symbiotic benefit to all.  Ahhh … I’m warming up already.

Winternationals - Pomona

Winternationals – Pomona

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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