America’s Youngest Female Billionaire

Yes, this is drag racing oriented

So I’m scanning the business news pages online to do some research on marketing when I see a headline titled: “Youngest American Woman Billionaire Found With In-N-Out“.  Huh?!

Now what’s more surprising to me than anything else is the billionaire part.  I realized long ago who was in charge or heir apparent at In-N-Out Burger and that she was to be heading the company sooner or later.  Oh, and she liked drag racing.  What I didn’t know was how much money the company – or in this case Mrs. Lynsi Torres – was worth.  To be clear, the 30 year old Lynsi Torres, who was formerly Lynsi Martinez, Lynsi Jeremiah and Lynsi Snyder, is the sole heir to the In-N-Out Burger business fortune that is currently worth more than $1.1 billion.


If you don’t know about In-N-Out Burger, it’s a chain of fast food restaurants that was established in the Los Angeles area originally and then a Southern California staple for years.  The company had or has a cult following.  They finally started growing the business outside of California but is still mainly in the West.  Their menu is simple and originally they were drive thru only businesses.  You can go here, for more info on In-N-Out.

But back to the billionaire status.  What I didn’t realize or think clearly on was the fact I mentioned earlier in that there are no heirs to the business.  She was the sole grand child to the original owners of the business.

Her uncle Rich Snyder, did a good job of building the business back in the ’80s but he died in a plane accident.  Lynsi’s father Guy took over and continued the company’s slow but steady growth until he died of an overdose 14 years ago.  Esther, the grandmother of Lynsi’s, had the reigns until her death seven years ago.  There is a current president of the company but over time, Lynsi will take control by the time she is 35.Lynsi Torres

Drag racing mother of two 

Lynsi has two children from her second marriage but has since divorced from Mr. Martinez and is now married to a Mr. Torres, who by the way, is a fellow drag racer himself.  As I mentioned before, Lynsi drives a Top Sportsman ’70 Barracuda along with a Super Gas Camaro (that’s her with the Wally).  She’s been going to the races since she was two because as many know, In-N-Out has been a big supporter of NHRA drags going back to the ’80s.

I was a big fan of the company and Mark Oswald during the early ’90s when he drove the In-N-Out Funny Car.  I always remembered that and then attacked In-N-Out Burgers like a bulldog, trying to clue them in on the advantages of Nostalgia drag racing; that coupled with my fathers general knowledge of local drag racing  has kept us informed on who this newest billionaire is.  I’m just befuddled that the little burger joint is now worth more than a billion dollars.

Mark Oswald - In-N-Out Funny Car

Mark Oswald – In-N-Out Funny Car

Now she loves drag racing, shies from the spotlight and isn’t prone to being part of the normal scheme of things – I should be able to show her the natural advantages of a Nostalgia drag racing sponsorship.  Hmmm …

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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