Back to the Future

Looks Like Drag Racing Has A Promising Future

A quick note on the future of Nostalgia drag racing and a story that reminds us that our future in drag racing is our future.

Novice Division championship, Kaitlin Zietlow

Novice Division championship, Kaitlin Zietlow

A family in Ohio is just one of thousands around the world that works to race as a family affair.  But the Zietlow’s epitomize where we are and where drag racing will continue to thrive as the largest participatory sport on Earth.  You can read more about this families exploits here: ‘Brook Park girl wins drag racing championship‘ but the bigger story is the reminder about how we can and will maintain and carry on with a sport despite the hardship of a bad economy and associations incapable of doing what it takes to help our sport.


Leah Pruett

Yes, young women like former Nostalgia Funny Car champ Leah Pruett (seen at left) are healthy for our sport as drivers moving up into the big-time but the young people and their families like the Zietlow’s are our real future and we need to keep those people in mind when we try to move forward.  This new lifeblood of enthusiasts hark back to why we love this sport and why we’re all determined to spend every red cent to get to the track.

Kaitlin Zietlow, the youngest of this racing family from just outside Cleveland, Ohio – and who won a Jr. Dragster championship – gave us an aide memoire of why we do it when she said,

“I’m going to race till I physically can’t.”

Makes you smile, huh.  10 year olds such as Kaitlin are our future and we can rest assure that our future looks bright with devotee’s like her.

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  1. And you will notice that drag racing is very diverse in its’ drivers, from Afrincan-Americans, Hispanics, women, etc…Always good for the sport, and the fans…

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