National Dragster Shrinking – Updated

The magazine business and in fact, the print business as a whole has been shrinking for quite some time and now, National Dragster announced they will be reducing from 48 weekly issues to 25 a year starting now.  To be specific, there will be two issues every month (source – Drag Racing Online). 

I remember years ago  when the internet became a force in information, most thought that eventually the magazine and newspaper would go the way of the dodo bird.  But to be honest, people quit reading in general, long before the internet ever evolved.  I believe National Dragster started their online edition a few years back … time flies, heck, it might have been longer.

Regardless, print media continues to die a slow and painful death.  Here’s hoping that these 24 issues don’t become less or even worse, not at all.  I guess the Grim Reaper is sharpening his scythe.  File:The death.svg

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Addtional Note: NHRA is expanding their online presence calling the new online format:  It will still have member only access.


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One response to “National Dragster Shrinking – Updated

  1. Jo

    It’s too bad as there definitely is a place for the printed word, such as magazines and more importantly here, National Dragster, which is a beautiful publication. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t read it, just appreciates the obvious work that goes into publishing all those pages.

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