Bye bye Bikes, it was nice while it lasted

I don’t normally talk about Pro Stock Motorcycles because it’s not really a Nostalgia oriented racing event.  But still it’s drag racing and I just couldn’t believe what I saw.  Or more like what I didn’t see. 

The GatorNationals in Gainesville, Florida were just completed after an extended five day meet.  Yes, five days because for one, the GatorNationals are a longer four day event being that they are one of the bigger drag meets that we have historically.  And the fifth day was because of rain, which thank goodness, gave the Pro Bike class a little more coverage than they would otherwise get.

The GatorNationals are the first event of the year for the drag bikes.  No, they don’t get to run at the Winter Nationals at Pomona or the Arizona Nationals in Chandler, Arizona, in the suburbs of Phoenix.  That’s bad enough starting a month after all the other classes.  BUT, their next event isn’t until the middle of spring.

To be exact, the last weekend in April will hold the Spring Nationals in Houston, Texas.  Yep, while every other motorsport is far into probably a third of the season, Pro Bikes will finally be seen for only the second time in 2012!  Who made this schedule up!?

I realize that the bikes have a more abbreviated season that adds up to just 16 meets for the year compared with all the other Pro classes that have 23 nationals events scheduled.  But why in Gods-green-earth are the bikes left with such a slow start?  And it’s bad enough they miss the first two races of the year and have to hold out a month to start their season, but then after that one race, why would you make them stand on the sidelines for six weeks between their first and second event?  That’s right, six weeks!

This is absurd and although the bike guys already feel like second class citizens, they really are being treated with disregard.  A schedule that keeps you out of racing, except for one race, until almost May, isn’t doing anybody any good.  How can a fan base be excited if there’s little or no racing for the first third of the year?

I hope you had your fix of Pro Stock Motorcycles because that’s it for awhile.  I don’t normally go off on motorcycles as it’s not my favorite class but somebody had to stand up for the ridiculous scheduling … if you can even call it that.

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