Where did our money go?

Sometimes Nostalgia drag racing feels like a family affair.  I remember often, when we were at the track, people offering up food, drinks, parts or just a shady place to sit, was a common occurrence.  That’s one of the many reason Nostalgia drag racing thrives – it’s like a living breathing family.  BUT, I’ve already talked this in the past – so where am I going?

With racers having more and more troubles with empty pockets, I’m going off the reservation, philosophically.  We don’t have a family feeling in our own personal world.  Governments have become a kind of surrogate parent.  Whether its school for our children, financial aid for well, many or just individual needs; every time we’re in need, we think the government needs to come to the rescue.  How in hell did we get so weak?!

Ever wondered why you think you need help?  Is it because you don’t have enough money?  Why was it back 50 years, that one person, usually a husband, could work enough to support a family?  Get the drift of what I’m saying?  Taxes are the difference.

I’m not sure why but Tax Day is April 15 or 18 – I guess it’s dependent on whether your late or not.  See, we used to be able to pay for more than were paying for now.  Ask any drag racers from the old days.  Not that it was inexpensive but almost anyone could go drag racing years ago but now, you need a great paying job or a sugar-daddy.  And with inflation moving up the ladder, it’s getting worse.

If you and I had more money rather than sending to Washington where the DCMob will waste it, your town and mine could control more of what goes on around us – Rather than having a government minion decide where to spend it.  You could spend the extra money to take care of yourself and your family and not always have empty pockets.

So the next time someone mentions they need this or that and want the government to do it, mention why were in this situation … too many taxes.

OK, back to regularly scheduled racing event.

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