I think I can dance? Stop!

With an apology to Leo Sayer and his famous song “Long Tall Glasses“, but if you ever had a thought about dancing, now’s the time to stop dancing, because our folks out at Famoso this weekend need help.


One of the larger sporting events of the year is this weekends March Meet and the weather man has been none to helpful.  The qualifying for today looks like it will get in but after that, well, it don’t look too good.  On and off showers will be in store for racers and fans Saturday, so there’s hope but Sunday Eliminations?  Let’s just say it’s not good.  Ugly rain, heavy at times.

This is a little late in the year for a series of storms to be coming into California but that’s what we’re looking down the barrel of.  In fact, wet weather will be with us here in ‘sunny’ California until the end of the month.  So much for scheduling a make-up date right away.

Bakersfield has always had a knack for holding off wet weather as it’s almost a desert with mainly dry conditions a vast majority of the year.  But as usual, schedule a drag race and the rain will come.  I think Kenny Bernstein said something to the effect that if you have drought conditions, schedule a drag race.  I mentioned in the past how and why of weather and drag racing in California because of the good weather.  Not working too well this past year.

So think nice clear sky’s and PLEASE, no rain dances!

I reminded of the words to the old pop anthem: It Never Rains In Southern California … ” it never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn you, when it pours … ”

Yeah, well, you get the gist.

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2 responses to “I think I can dance? Stop!

  1. BTW, the race will be continued Saturday the 26th at Famoso … God-willing and the creeks don’t rise.

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