All Concrete

In this day and age of penny-pinching and doing only what HAS to be done, it’s refreshing to hear when somebody goes over and above and does what needs to and should be done.

In case you didn’t hear, the venerable strip at Famoso is all new and 100% concrete!  Yes, one of the oldest drag strip tracks in the country is all concrete, from starting line to finish line.  This is obviously great news and should make for cleaner runs.  Oh yea, and faster runs.  And it looks beautiful.

It was only a handful of years ago when the track was completely resurfaced so you have to hand it to the Bowser’s and of course a thank you has to go to Auto Club.  Hopefully this will make for racing like we’ve never seen before at Bakersfield and if you have the time, there’s a test and tune this weekend, as well as the following weekend, too.

Now, I’m not asking too much to hope that the next improvement will look something like more seats and/or more pavement for the racers and fans to plop themselves down on.  Again, a big thanks to Auto Club Famoso Raceway and here’s to a great March Meet later this month.

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