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Good Grammar is Gone

I want to expound on the racing and drag racing world and let everyone know what I know, that our motorsport (more precisely Nostalgia drag racing) is one of the most exciting events in all sports.  So I’ve been taking on some writing ventures and it has been interesting to say the least.  Generally speaking I’m freelancing and really just trying to build a portfolio.  I’ve written a decent amount in the past but it was always either a website, presentation, proposal, sales brochure or newsletter.  Structured.

The blogs have been fun the last few years and it really amounts to free expression of what I’m thinking at the time.  I don’t have an editor.  I don’t have a proofreader.  I don’t have a deadline.  I don’t have anybody but myself – just winging it.  What you see here on the blog is one and done.  No drop net.  Not structured.

I’ve talked to a few people in the business and as far as blogs go, a couple guru’s said I have a knack and have become pretty good.  But blogging, especially my own blog,  isn’t like writing an article to be published by another party.  You have to follow their guidelines and everything has to be right.  With internet writing, key words are, well, key.  Titles have to mesh with the story and certain procedures and rules have to be followed.  Yeah, rules.  I’m not big on rules and having been my own boss for many years, I don’t take to others rules very well.  But I’m trying and although it kind of suffocates your thinking and thought processes, I’ll get through it.  There are aids and they can help.

Writing is not as easy as it looks and the creative nature of written material, style and your prose is key as far as I’m concerned.  Research and knowledge of facts is also a primary requirement.  But I was told recently, there’s a more important key in writing currently and that I should be aware – know English.  Grammar, sentence structure, punctuation etc are a big concern right now.  Why?  There’s a lack of general knowledge when it comes to the rudimentary rules of writing.  Our schools and in particular, our government schools are a failure.  We could go into the reasons for the debacle that is our educational system but that would take some time and I’ll maybe go there another time.  But simply, supposed knowledgeable people who would otherwise like to write, can’t or won’t.  Good grammar is gone like high-button shoes.

I was stunned!  I’m happy that my spelling and English grades were always on top and my education through parochial schools (Lutheran), helped my communication skills.  But I had no idea that folks who had the want and creative to write, aren’t because they either are incapable, embarrassed or don’t want to go through the trouble of learning the correct way of using grammar.  Amazing!

So in fact, I have a head start in my new venture, for what it’s worth.  I’m not sure what it says about a society that can’t write but I know one thing’s for sure: Civilization may be on the brink if we can no longer put our words down and express and communicate the elementary acts like offering ideas, opinions and facts.

Alright, enough imparting on the demise of society and back to offering my always scintillating and correct punctuation, grammar and sentence structures on the world of motorsports (& other stuff I like).

My English teachers would be proud.  I think.

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I think I can dance? Stop!

With an apology to Leo Sayer and his famous song “Long Tall Glasses“, but if you ever had a thought about dancing, now’s the time to stop dancing, because our folks out at Famoso this weekend need help.


One of the larger sporting events of the year is this weekends March Meet and the weather man has been none to helpful.  The qualifying for today looks like it will get in but after that, well, it don’t look too good.  On and off showers will be in store for racers and fans Saturday, so there’s hope but Sunday Eliminations?  Let’s just say it’s not good.  Ugly rain, heavy at times.

This is a little late in the year for a series of storms to be coming into California but that’s what we’re looking down the barrel of.  In fact, wet weather will be with us here in ‘sunny’ California until the end of the month.  So much for scheduling a make-up date right away.

Bakersfield has always had a knack for holding off wet weather as it’s almost a desert with mainly dry conditions a vast majority of the year.  But as usual, schedule a drag race and the rain will come.  I think Kenny Bernstein said something to the effect that if you have drought conditions, schedule a drag race.  I mentioned in the past how and why of weather and drag racing in California because of the good weather.  Not working too well this past year.

So think nice clear sky’s and PLEASE, no rain dances!

I reminded of the words to the old pop anthem: It Never Rains In Southern California … ” it never rains in California, but girl don’t they warn you, when it pours … ”

Yeah, well, you get the gist.

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What is the most entertaining class in Nostalgia Drag Racing?

Nostalgia fans are as fervent as they get.  So let us know: What class is your favorite?

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All Concrete

In this day and age of penny-pinching and doing only what HAS to be done, it’s refreshing to hear when somebody goes over and above and does what needs to and should be done.

In case you didn’t hear, the venerable strip at Famoso is all new and 100% concrete!  Yes, one of the oldest drag strip tracks in the country is all concrete, from starting line to finish line.  This is obviously great news and should make for cleaner runs.  Oh yea, and faster runs.  And it looks beautiful.

It was only a handful of years ago when the track was completely resurfaced so you have to hand it to the Bowser’s and of course a thank you has to go to Auto Club.  Hopefully this will make for racing like we’ve never seen before at Bakersfield and if you have the time, there’s a test and tune this weekend, as well as the following weekend, too.

Now, I’m not asking too much to hope that the next improvement will look something like more seats and/or more pavement for the racers and fans to plop themselves down on.  Again, a big thanks to Auto Club Famoso Raceway and here’s to a great March Meet later this month.

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