This time of year can be tough on race teams.  Drag racers don’t like sitting around not thinking or doing something that doesn’t look like racing.  You are waiting for parts for your car.  You’re hoping the weather gets good enough that you can go testing.  Yes, and this is the good part because you must have been lucky enough to have monetary help in the form of extra pay, another partner coming in with some money or … you have a marketing partner (sponsor).

Ah yes, the marketing partner or more commonly known as sponsors, are a hot commodity.  Especially this time of year, looking for a marketing partner is a cold hard fact that hits you right in the face like a snowy Winter blizzard, so this time of year can REALLY be tough if you don’t have a sponsor.

Marketing is a harsh business and involves creative answers to businesses advertising needs.  Drag racing is a great marketing vehicle but it requires a race team to be equally creative and vigilant about their ability to offer branding that advertises what the company needs.  Not easy for people who grew up twisting wrenches. When your promoting, advertising, marketing and racing, as Pink Floyd says: “Money, get away”.   You need constant support and investment.  But what if you don’t have what it takes (money) to pursue your passion in racing?

Again, this time of year is a frantic time.  Businesses are gearing up their pursuits and many have already costed-out their budgets.  The smaller businesses are more apt to have funding because they work on an as-needed basis but they don’t have large sums to invest.  Larger companies set their budgets up in the prior year and although they have more to spend, they’re locked into campaigns that were largely set up for the first of the year.  A real conundrum for race teams as the finish line nears.

What’s the answer?  Actually, I don’t have one but will say this: American businesses need to broaden their perspectives and perceptions and race teams need to work on offering real marketing solutions so they can do the thing they enjoy most, racing.  Don’t be a snail, hustle up folks, times awastin’.  … “Money, It’s a gas – Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash – New car, caviar, four star daydream … “

More on Pink Floyd here:

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