Is the NHRA a non?

Huh?!  I don’t know how to exactly approach this.  A couple of days ago, a press release was found on some discussion boards (forums) stating a law firm was calling out the NHRA to the IRS on its tax-exempt status (the story has now found its way onto Forbes – see at bottom for more). The firm is representing an unknown race team and inferred the NHRA was not operating like the non-profit they were suppose to be.

Yes, I rail all the time about the ineptness of the NHRA and blame in part, the fact they are just that, a non-profit and therefore not run like a real business should.  So this non-investigation and/or non-lawsuit has put me in a conundrum.  Do I agree with the NHRA that they are indeed an inept organization or an actual business that should be taxed like any other?  And yet another couple of items for me personally, is the fact that one, I detest taxes and their utter waste and two, I also detest whistle-blowers, which this seems to entail.

Where this is going, I have no idea, but you don’t have to light a fire under the IRS’ ass when it comes to motorsports as they watch race teams like a hawk anyway.  But now they’ll at least feel obliged to have a closer look.

The question that jumps at me first and foremost is, does this help or hurt racers and fans?  On one hand, you could say that the racer has been sucked dry by the NHRA and this will help them but then what if the cost of doing business is raised due to taxes, therefore costing teams more to put on the show (clowns maybe have to pay more?).  You know I’ve mentioned what I think should be done in that regard.

This may unravel our sport and that’s not necessarily good and then again, maybe this is exactly what we needed to get the sport to the next level.  More questions remain and whatever happens, this will be interesting to follow and more might be coming.  Hmmm …

See a story from Forbes here:

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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