Mid-Winter Hug

While waiting for the new race season to start, the mind wonders during these cool dark days of Winter.  Politics seem to be everywhere – ugh.  The economy is, well, eh, trying to create some muster of it’s own, no thanks to aforementioned politics (could we just cut DC off & …).  Anyway, sports are about the football season winding down and the basketball season slugging along.  Yea, not much going on there.  The entertainment industry is, for lack of a better word or phrase, spinning off into oblivion.  Local flare here on the California Central Coast is sleepy this time of year.  One word to describe everything right now; malaise or like a bear sleeping off Winter in a cave … blah.

So with this snappy short narrative, where am I going?  Not far.  I’ve been trying to understand how to fit into the quagmire and couldn’t find that nice cozy spot, like a hibernating bear without a cave.  Need a little something.  Actually, I’ve nothing to complain about.  Although we had a very wet Fall and early Winter, it’s been fantastic weather over the last few weeks with temps hitting 70 more than a couple times.  I live in wine country on the Central Coast, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  I’m just short of two hours from one of the most venerable race tracks of all-time (Famoso) and just a few months ago, I had a full physical and was told, I was fit as a fiddle (OK, they’d like me to reduce the bulge of the stomachus) – maybe I’m more of a viola.

But I know most of us are still struggling in some fashion to stay afloat or get our boat rowing and to that end …

It seems we need a hug, which makes this day perfect for … National Hug Day.  Yes, today’s National Hug Day.  I know, like we need another “day”, but I’m thinking they may have this right.  Middle of Winter just doesn’t have much going for it, so why not.  It was started in Michigan, which makes sense; probably an excuse to help keep each other warm during those icy cold days and nights in the northern climes.  So I’m here to tell everyone to hug someone.  Careful and don’t get in trouble but hugs are good because you give as well as receive.  So for at least today, give someone a hug, especially those drag racers – there’s nothing worse than the off season.

Now if I could get a hug from my last posts centerpiece (Elle), everything would be fine.

Where’s the race season?

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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