Morgan Lucas’ TV career

Just an update on Morgan Lucas’ new career in television.  The commercials for Nationwide Insurance seem to be popular.  Morgan has made a great transition and his ability in front of the camera, well, it’s amazing.  What’s surprising is that the Lucas Oil bunch have Geico for a sponsor but it doesn’t seem to be detouring any momentum.

Have not been able to hear from Morgan Lucas himself, to get a comment about the switch in jobs and whether he’ll still be driving the family’s Top Fuel digger this year, but I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this …

OK, wait a minute, easy does it.  Before anyone starts taking this seriously and getting their pants in a bunch, I’m kidding.  BUT you have to admit, Morgan Lucas and this guy from Nationwide sure look similar.  And awful funny how it just happens to be for insurance companies.  Hmmm … ?

The question does bare asking though: Have you ever seen Morgan Lucas and Nationwide’s “World’s Greatest Spokesman” together?  Inquiring minds want to know.  OK, well maybe not but it makes you think.  Next time, take a very close look and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  BTW, it looks like they found Morgan, oh, er, I mean the spokesman and he’s coming back.

So you need to look like these two guys (or a lizard) to sell insurance?  Morgan does have the better angle; 8000 HP.

Now, some of you might say like Bugs Bunny said; What a maroon (which is another word for a fool, if you care) – be nice.  Now while we’re talking about maroons, did you know the Pottsville Maroons won the NFL championship in their first year in the league during the roaring 20’s.  And Pottsville is home to Yuengling beer which is America’s oldest brewery.  Bet you didn’t think you’d be this smart after reading this extraordinary post?!  And I got in my favorite pasttimes, beer and football …

Now back to advertising.  Personally, the world’s greatest spokesman has and will always be Elle MacPherson.  Being a longtime Sports Illustrated guy (actually they’re all my favorites; Cheryl, Christy, Kathy, Rachel … sigh …), Elle made the cover many times and I was fine with that.  And maybe that’s old school but who would you rather see on a commercial?  Thank you.  Come to think of it, I never did buy any swimsuits.  On the other hand, I do remember a calendar or two … Now, what was I talking about?

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See more of Elle here:

Where’s the race season?


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