I’m learning

I know it may sound somewhat daffy but I did a little looking inward to see how to improve on such things as here on “The Nest”.  Hey, if Heidi Montag says she can learn new things to improve herself (as she recently and importantly stated), who am I to say I can’t improve like Heidi – well, um, there’s uh, some things that … OK, you get the picture.

What is the most important keys to social media?  I mention this because of my last post and some advice from people with higher pay grades than myself (they know more about blogging).  I’ve been writing during the week and some friends of mine on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter said they missed them because the story wasn’t published on the weekend.  I’m sorry if you’ve missed out on my wonderfully worded and gripping tales on “The Nest”, so by finding out most people read on weekends, I’ll be trying to post more for your weekend pleasure.

I did a little research and found that not only are some of my friends using social media on weekends but they’re looking for informative blogs.  Since there’s an extraordinary amount of information in my cerebrum, I’ll start giving out more gathered facts and data with maybe some lists occasionally (Top 5, Top 10 etc).  An expert in the field of writing told me I should be putting numbers to this information – and I’m a numbers kind of guy, so numbers it is.

I’ll try to keep things basic and simple and though I don’t think of myself as a doom and gloom guy, maybe a few more upbeat blogs are on the way.  I’ll try to be a little more sexy, if you will – Hey, I can be as sexy as the … OK, maybe I’ll not go that far but expect a bit more zip (heh heh, see above).  I also received some advice stating or more succinctly, asking: Where’s the video’s?  OK, OK I’ll add a few more.  Here’s a short clip by American Nitro – the 70’s may get ridiculed sometimes but they had a lot of good drag racing going on.

So there, a little introspective and now I’m a better man.  Oh and Ron will be back with a tidbit or two, also.  Did I miss anything?

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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