No American cars

The Great Recession has many victims.  The real estate market dropped like it never had before with millions of Americans directly affected.  The terrible slowdown has impinged on numerous categories and one of them is the car industry.  If you’ve checked recently about the economy in Detroit, their Depression has wreaked havoc on the area.  It sad and for car lovers like drag racers usually are, it hurts even more to see our beloved industry destroyed … when it didn’t have to be.  An interesting side note; I did a poll on current Pony cars and the dis-interest was palpable.

Detroit looks like something out of a futuristic, apocalyptic movie.  And the manufacturing in the U.S., isn’t much better and is a small shadow of its former self.  Why?  Well, we can’t explain such a wide-ranging problem in a short couple of paragraphs.  What we can look at is the simple basics.  Why do American cars strain to be on par with foreign imports?  First and maybe most important is Unions.  The huge cost inflicted by entitlements (i.e. pensions) along with exorbitant wages, have sucked the American car companies dry.

Also, another side of the story is: What constitutes an American company?  G.M. is owned in part by the U.S. government but a little known tidbit to this is that Communist China has a stake in General Motors.  Chrysler is also part owned by the U.S. government and Italian car company Fiat (which is subsidized by the Italian government).  Ford is really the only car company originating from the U.S. with American owned interest.


Check this video out on the Ford plant in Brazil

Ford, like nearly every carmaker in the world, has its parts and some cars manufactured elsewhere.  For instance, Ford has a plant in Brazil that is very modern and produces several different models.  This plant is extremely efficient and quite a success story.  So why can’t the U.S. have a plant as successful as this Brazilian plant?  Back to square one – Unions.  Check out the video and see for yourself.

I guess we’ve come full circle because when you look at the history of the automobile, America has but a small part.  In the mean time, we don’t have American metal anymore and that is the sad reality.

Betty Grable with giant stuffed polar bearDid I make you feel all giddy, warm and cozy inside?  I have that knack.  Now I have to find out who’s close with unions and get next to them.  Hmmm, I know who’s in tight with the unions – I call the White House and I’m sure …

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