UPDATE! Relations win Mega Millions – Will buy NHRA!

Stunning, unbelievable and almost dreamlike news.  Share this with everyone you know, immediately!  The winners (who are related to yours truly) of last weeks Mega Millions lottery, and which by chance I just talked about, won the Mega Millions and with my direction, will purchase the NHRA!  The McCullars won half of the $380 million nationwide lottery and stated that Daryle Hier of NostalgiaDr fame, would be their pointman with the title of President and CEO of the “New NHRA”.

Terms of the deal are not disclosed as of this time.  Glendora was pleased to hear loyal fans, such as we are, would want to acquire the NHRA.  Said now former President Tom Compton: “It’s great to put the series in the hands of such fervent people who know what they’re doing. It’s a dream come true for all involved”.

The highly talented and very knowledgeable Mr. Hier, said: “I feel like I’m dreaming. I’m very humbled by this huge responsibility and will put my utmost effort into turning the New NHRA in the major league sport it always should have been. One of my first duties will be to form a national east/west schedule for our biggest rising star, Nostalgia Drag Racing with sponsorship and huge payouts. Furthermore, I’ll be renegotiating a much better television deal that benefits the fans and racers. No more womens ping pong from Liberia.”

The nations top track owner and promoter, Bruton Smith stated: “This is the best thing to ever happen. These speedways across the country are four or five years behind … (and) will never be any better than the facilities.  Money is needed on these facilities; that makes the racing better and helps these drivers make more money. Daryle and the New NHRA will help greatly.”

Again, get out this news to everybody you know!  Finally, good news you can take home.  Details to follow.

Huh?  Then all of a sudden, KPRL radio station comes on my alarm clock with the farm report.  I woke up and I guess it was just a dream? Like a missing season in Dallas where Bobby Ewing comes back from the dead, the NHRA really wasn’t sold.

We’ll keep dreaming fans, just keep dreaming and praying until the NHRA IS sold.

In the mean time, I gotta layoff the Two Buck Chuck.

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