Winning $355 Million

There’s a lottery that currently is worth $355 million.  It’s called Mega Millions and nearly every state in the U.S. is involved.  So it got me thinking (careful), what would you do with that kind of money?  My first thought was buy the NHRA – although I’m not sure whether it would be enough or not.  I know: What sick mind would spend a fortune on purchasing a race organization that you’ve not had a lot of goods thing to say about?  The mind of any racer is somewhat demented, so I blame drag racing for the thought processes or lack thereof.

What would I do with the NHRA?  The first is to make it into a business, not like their not-for-profit status.  That in itself would bring a business mind set that looks at profit and makes the company work for itself, not against itself.

Next I would break up the series into professional and sportsman.  The divisional meets would continue with a championship at years end decided by each divisions best and run the same week as the World Finals (in Pomona).  The pros would be run separately and supported occasionally by other divisions – like Nascar does with Nationwide or Trucks or sometimes Modifieds.  Other divisions or categories like Nostalgia would be setup again like Nascar does with Trucks and Nationwide; sometimes running with the big boys, sometimes not.

They wouldn't admit it but I'm sure this is someones ugly stepchild

I mean really, take advantage of the huge popularity of Nostalgia drag racing rather than treat it as an ugly stepchild.

I would make as many pro races live as I could.  To make drag racing a major sport, it needs to be live.  Plus with that, get some network coverage on an occasion.  And along those lines, negotiate a better TV deal.  Don’t say it can’t be done because the way it is now, being pre-empted by an international soccer game from Bogota between, who-the-hell-knows, is insane.  Try to DVR a drag race and you might get the Lumberjacks & Bearkats – it’s not pretty.

I would bring back 1/4 mile drag racing, where applicable.  Some races might have to stay 1000 ft because of short track conditions but where there’s room, bring back 1320.  This is quintessential drag racing, period.

There’s much more I could go on about but one important aspect that would need be addressed is the racer.  The NHRA is the largest racing organization in the world, yet the racers, who put on the show for the fans, are treated as second class citizens.  And one key area is charging the participants to get in the program.  This is crazy!  It’s like charging the clowns to get in the circus!  Stop using racers like a punching bag.

Yes, there’s too many clowns in all the wrong places.

Alright, I’ve got to go down and buy my Mega Millions lottery ticket so I can begin straightening up the #1 sport in all of marketing.

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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