Slimming down the fatted calf

Often after New Years and all the holiday celebrations, I feel like I’m fatted-up cattle going to slaughter.  Hmmm, this follows the racing season so … ?

Anyway, if you’re going to enjoy the holidays, it seems silly not to have that extra slice of pie, or a couple extra toddy’s, plus the candy, cookies –  well, it’s no wonder, January is the #1 time of year for diets.  So while thinking about getting back in shape this January, it’s also that time of year when any racer starts thinking about the coming season (& maybe when the darn weather will get better). 2011 seems like it has more going for it than the past few years and Nostalgia drag racing is probably on stronger footing than ever before.  Except for one omission …

I’ve been waiting for Goodguys to post their race events and even though they stated they didn’t have races scheduled for 2011, it seemed open-ended.  Their listed reasons in the Fall were low attendance but then they stated standing-room only, so I had my doubts that Goodguys would actually drop drag racing from their program with that kind of popularity.  The other big reason was car count, but that’s what you get when you have the race at the same time as the CHRR, which is the biggest Nostalgia event of the year.  But as of the first of 2011, we’ve not heard anything from Goodguys.

I’ve had lots of good and bad things to say about Goodguys but when it comes to events with a sport as popular as ours, dropping races wasn’t even 0n my mind.  This obviously will hurt the east coast guys much more than the west.  What were the real reasons for Goodguys decision to drop racing after all these years?  I could give lots of conjecture here but maybe in the end, they just didn’t want to do it.

On a side-note, eastern racers in Nostalgia have got to get together and start organizing better.

What does this mean for the overall outlook in Nostalgia drag racing?  You won’t see a big change although the eastern based teams will have a lot more traveling to do (which will hurt with a Recession that’s not completely done) and this could slow down our ever growing motorsport.  For this new year of 2011, I still think the rules changes like the brakes rule, are the biggest negative for our sport with costs creating a literal breaking point for some teams.

I wish that Goodguys would reconsider but maybe this is just cutting a little fat off and it’ll make our sport better looking with a trimmer, meaner, healthier and more organized position in the end – looking at the postive.  Isn’t being trim better than fat?  Let’s hope for an even better year than last – which will be hard to do – and maybe theirs a promotional juggernaut out there that sees Nostalgia drag racing for what it is; a burgeoning powder-keg.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of cow commercials lately (loads of football watching) … Hmmm … maybe that’s why we’re having to trim the fat?

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