New Year

New Years always brings some renewed hope.  Also a refreshed outlook is given to ideas and there’s a feeling of a clean slate – like starting a baseball season – everyone’s undefeated.  The same can be said for the upcoming racing and in particular, the Nostalgia drag racing year.  Although concerns like any other medium about whether the economy will finally start to rebound, have most minds muddled, there are some signs that we might be shifting into another gear.  Again, hope springs eternal.

In one respect, we are very lucky, as our sport is one of the only marketing entities of its kind that actually is still growing as we pack race meets with wall-to-wall fans.  Even during the worst of the Recession, people were flooding the tracks.  Yes, we had a little dip when the gas prices soared a couple years ago, but even so, the stands were still packed.  Loyalty is something the branding world talks about but our motorsports proves it towers over others, year-after-year.  The current state of Nostalgia drag racing dominates all business aspects.

The rules will again change and safety is the primary reasons although it could be argued that what fits one class in NHRA Pro Series’, shouldn’t be applied across the board to others (i.e. mandatory four-wheel carbon-fiber brakes).  If you ask me, the rules should have to do with keeping cost down along with speed.  The new brakes rule does neither.

But I’m not here to complain.  I want to simply say the season starts in March (The March Meet) when Spring arrives and here’s hoping this new beginning will bring a more prosperous and more fulfilling new year for everyone in our family of motorsports.  Have a happy and prosperous New Year in 2011.

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