State of Nostalgia Drag Racing

The state of drag racing is always in flux.  As one of the most popular of sports and an unmatched loyalty, this explosive sport doesn’t know if it wants to be big time or not.  There’s small associations trying to grow and the bigger associations trying to dominate and squash them.  Now most would say; if you concentrated on your own needs, you wouldn’t have to worry about others.  Such it is with the business world as well as racing.  Do you strive to do better and/or try to beat your competitors?

Nostalgia drag racing can best be described as an anomaly.  Nostalgia drag racing was started first by a fledgling ANRA and Frank Fedak.  Frank’s wants were never to worry about money or fans – just create a place for guys to race with cars designed to look like they did in the 60’s.  “Drag racing the way it used to be” was the slogan and on the surface, it was a very idealistic thought but quickly learned that to exist with any business, you need money and money comes from fans (& sponsors).  Frank didn’t last long as it has been passed on from owner to owner with the same intentions of being a place for the common racer but as with anything, if you’re not moving forward, you will struggle to survive and such is life with ANRA in the little leagues of motorsports (which is now just an indexed racing series with mostly door-slammers).

Goodguys came along a few years later and with their excellent organizational skills – being that they put on one of the best car shows in the country – the racing series took off.  Problem was, they weren’t really looking for a lot of drag racing as much as something to add to their picnic-in-the-park car shows.  The extra workload Wondering in the desert was not in the cards for Goodguys and they abruptly stopped.  Like the Israelite’s wondering in the desert for 40 years, Nostalgia drag racing was left with nowhere to go except a few races like the Bowsers putting on the March Meet and the NHRA continuing the California Hot Rod Reunion.  So not much happened until the following year when the NHRA started the Hot Rod Heritage Series and voila!  We had the largest racing organization in the world, helping to run what is now, one of the only sports that’s still growing!

The massive NHRA doesn’t seem too intent on growing the series, so we wallow in this purgatory, waiting for someone or something to grab the sport by the scruff and take it to new heights.  BTW, Goodguys did come back and now runs a few meets in the Midwest.

Offering the consumer a better bang for your buck and a great place for drag racers to race, these Nostalgia drag racing events give you everything you want – drag racing, car show and swap meet, plus a huge retail area with almost everything you can imagine.  These race events are record breaking, everytime another occurs.

Hurricane waiting to hit landSo the state of Nostalgia drag racing is as I stated: an anomaly – Wandering at sea, waiting to hit land like a hurricane. It’s a powder-keg of popularity, but no one to light the fuse.  I can’t believe the March Meet will be as big as the last one but every year, they continue to top themselves.  Business has missed out for the most part but I believe that’s going to change.  One of these years very soon, this most Americana of sports will boom.  Will it be 2011?

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