Bigger than ever?

Is drag racing, and in particular, Nostalgia drag racing growing in popularity?  Now to say anything is growing in popularity in sports is saying something but lets take this past weekend for instance.  There were two – not one, but two Nostalgia drag meets on the same weekend.  Some might say that wasn’t good planning but this is the point.

In Bowling Green, Kentucky at Beech Bend Raceway Park, there was standing room only for the 3rd annual Goodguys Nostalgia Nationals presented by Snap-On.  This is the same drag strip that 6 months ago was completely under water due to the terrible floods in the Mid-South earlier this past Spring.  Then, they were able to clean up the facility in time for the Hot Rod Heritage Series race – a remarkable feat.  The race was a big success, the weather was fine and MILLIONS of dollars were generated for the area.

Now with all that, you couldn’t have another event on the same weekend, could you?  Ha!  Not only another event but one of the larger sporting events in the country.  People from all around the globe could be found at Auto Club Famoso Raceway (which I talked about last week) for the 19th annual California Hot Rod Reunion in Bakersfield Ca.  Standing room only?  Not hardly.  There was no standing room.  Probably like no other meet in remembrance, the pit area was full … all the time – with fans.  Cars could be found parked nearly a mile away in the orange groves around the area.  A site to behold for sure.  Boy, how they need more seating!

California Hot Rod Reunion

So with all these enthusiastic fans (THE MOST BRAND LOYAL IN ALL MARKETING), adding to the hoopla that is Nostalgia drag racing, a question may arise, especially considering the decline in sports attendance:  Is Nostalgia drag racing still growing, even during a recession?

It would visibly seem the sport of drag racing is doing better than most sports, but Nostalgia drag racing, which for many years had been the fastest growing sport, is still getting bigger.  One of the most Americana of sports, Nostalgia drag racing still has what most every American wants, plenty to do and see with smells, sites, sounds and feelings that are pure excitement.

Persons of every age are enjoying these events and next year can’t get here soon enough.  You know, we need indoor drag racing for the Winter months.  Hey, did you know …

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