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Lambeau FieldBack to the future.  There are certain locations that have a truly warm feeling.  When you visit memorials such as in Washington DC, you get the chills; it’s a special feeling.  When you go to venerable sports stadiums like the Coliseum in Los Angeles or Lambeau Field in Green Bay, there’s a certain aura that emanates from the time you first see it until you step inside – again it’s a warm and special feeling.

There are race tracks that can do that too.  One in particular has tens of thousands of people heading to it now and for the next few days in California – Famoso Raceway.  The California Hot Rod Reunion is one of the biggest races in the country and the history that goes with it is unmatched.  Great drivers from old will be there, along with current and up-and-com’ers.  The Patch, as some like to call it, is where different era’s come together.  The future is now and it’s looking good.


Don Garlits Swamp Rat – 1958

The race facility isn’t anything to write home about.  The race track is not bad but isn’t memorable.  The accommodations are adequate at best.  Parking is uh, well um, lacking.  You’re surrounded by farms and ranches which is fine but you’re so close, you can enjoy the smells abounding from them along with the flies – oh yea, the flies.  So why would something as so-so as this place be special?  Ask anyone who’s been there, these are hollowed grounds.  This is where Don Garlits first came west to compete.  One of the grandest and most famous races is run here; The March Meet.  Every great drag racers, whoever ran in the 50’s through the 70’s ran here.  It is one of the oldest race tracks in the country.  So when you sit in the stands or roll up in the staging lanes, you know you’re somewhere historical – after the Star-Spangle Banner is sung and the engines fire up, the hair stands on end and you get that warm special feeling.

You should expect to get there early as parking is a bit of a pain.  There’s so much to see, what with all the old drivers, old cars and old pictures along with the new race teams, new paraphernalia (memorabilia) and the Quarter-Mile Courtyard.

Luckily, we have Nostalgia Drag Racing to keep us connected – kind of like back to the future.  Also, it will be on the hot side until Sunday when it cools down to mild weather.  So be prepared to enjoy a little history at the Patch and remember to bring your hat and sunglasses – or to paraphrase: The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades.

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