Ah, Nostalgia.  Nothing brings hearts and minds in agreement like days of yore.  It’s why retro-oriented things are so popular.

I’ve been asked what the best Nostalgia drag race is and I couldn’t really answer it without some caveats.  If you want to see classic cars galore with your racing, Goodguys puts on the best meets by far – truly a swapmeet/carshow/race.  If you’re interested in racing in particular, you’ll probably not see more classes of cars than at Boise for the Nightfire Nationals, but if you want to see the most massive drag race in Nostalgia drag racing, nothing beats the March Meet.  Now if you want the whole Nostalgia scene, with drivers of old, cars of old and more pure longing wistfulness, the grandest drag race, maybe in the world, is the California Hot Rod Reunion.

Sure, there may be bigger events, although not too much bigger.  There may be others with old drag racers but not many more.  There may even be some with more Nostalgia drag cars, but not a good deal extra.  In other words, no meet gives you the overall ambiance along with everything you need to see a Nostalgia drag race meet – The Reunion (as it’s known) is the granddaddy of Nostalgia drag racing.

So if you’re ever going to see a Nostalgia drag race, The Reunion should be high on your list.  Heck, you get the added thrill of coming to the venerable grounds of Famoso, one of the most historic racing facilities in motorsports.  Plus Bakersfield has it’s own charm.  Careful.

Oh and one other thing; a lot of other people do the same thing so be prepared to reserve a room early and get to the track as early as possible – parking’s a little lacking – unless you don’t mind parked between orange groves.   Yea, it’s an experience and everything you can imagine and whole heck of a lot more.

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Retro Products Here

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