Where are we heading?

The Question - Where are we heading?During these dog days of Summer, the mind sometimes wonders.  Whether it’s the heat, slow business due to vacation time, light spot in the racing schedule or an uneventful period in the year, I’ve found myself sputtering.  These usual excuses would work normally but sadly I think its something bigger – the economy and business or more generally, the direction our society is going, politically.

Struggling in the motorsports marketing world (with sponsorship) is typical but when the rules keep changing, it gets even tougher.  Business wants to move ahead but politics keeps throwing road blocks, so when I approach business with a partnership program – it usually ends with; sorry, we can’t right now.  Now it’s short sighted on their part but I understand the problem presented – Where are we heading?

SO, my point is the way the two worlds of business and politics could be colliding … and not in a good way.When politics & business collide

In business or politics, everyone “says the right thing” but the two worlds couldn’t be more different.  Both have fundamentals that have worked forever but that’s where these two worlds part ways.  Business is very simple; determination and drive with vision will get you to the doorstep and then it’s how the company treats it’s customers that will invariably reflect on the bottom line.  The proverb goes, “To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.”

Politics has had for centuries, the basic ideologies of control vs freedom.  Although historically, control always leads to brutality, more often than not (sadly), most humans have had to face this tyrannical living rather than freedom.  Of course the most successful societies have been free (including here in the U.S.), but half-minded elitist, since time in memoriam, have held off free systems.  Politics has the blueprint for success with freedom but the power of control is a devious master.

So WHERE THE HECK am I heading!  Yea, well I ask myself that a lot.

Simply, politics has taken over many of businesses paths and I call it corporate communism – (a oligarchy of sorts) – businesses are run or heavily regulated by politicians – including banks, car manufacturers and mortgage businesses, to name a few.  Politicians, with Corporate Communism - Enjoytheir power, end up never trying to make the customer happy – something they could learn from business.  So business suffers.

In the end, the power to control overrides the power of success, politically.  Business is left with only a partial capitalistic system and they’re confused.  They wonder and even with people like myself, who have great motorsports marketing campaigns (IMHO), the question is still – Where are we heading?

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  1. brilliant read! quite thought provoking.

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