Is it time to bail?

Last week, we had a beautiful weekend and Sunday was particularly nice with above average temps (finally).  California hasn’t had the nicest Summer this year with too many cool windy days.

The NHRA is a drag – it’s drafty, the ships leaking and that ain’t good, either.

The TV telecast are in short, poor.  Paul Page was all but hated in the IndyCar circles, so they tossed him away over to drag racing which he has very little knowledge of, no matter his experienced background.  Mike Dunn is fine but one man doesn’t make a show.  ESPN, hasn’t done much with advancing their end of it but another problem has been too much John Force (which has blown up in everyones face) and not enough of the other hundred or so pro drivers.

I know, I’ve gone off on this before but it’s getting worse – if that’s possible.  Also, the time slots and/or lack of them has made the ability to watch a drag race, nearly impossible, especially if you want to DVR it.  How about that TAPED womens tennis match that delayed the racing by well over an hour.  You turn on your DVR ready to see how qualifying went and … WTF … Maria Sharapova?  I mean she’s a beautiful woman and all but womens tennis?!  Taped?!  Really?!

The NHRA is really to blame for all of this and it has to do with its non-competitive nature in the organization – it’s a non-profit.  Like a government, there’s little incentive WHEN compared to a for-profit business corporation.  I could go on about this end of the problem but maybe for another day.  And the contract with ESPN obviously doesn’t allow for any controls and that’s pathetic.

The point is this: Do we continue as fans to be abused by high ticket and concession prices (hello, there’s a Recession out here) or sit home and watch little league baseball, beach volleyball or soccer exhibitions?  Yea, not much of a choice.  Or is there?

Titanic sinkingEither NHRA needs to sell itself to a real business outlet or we need a new organization that offers fans value, entertainment and quality production of race viewing.  Time to sh** or get off the pot – for everyone.  The bands playing and were on the Titanic.

Do you feel a draft?

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2 responses to “Is it time to bail?

  1. jrm111881

    Hmmm. This article sounds kind of negative. You do make some very valid points. But I would argue that ESPN’s coverage of the NHRA, though not perfect, is probably the best the NHRA has ever had. Yes, I agree they show too much John Force (as much as I like the guy). And I think it is sad that ESPN focuses on the nitro classes so much that they give the Pro Stock categories the shaft. TNN definitely gave more balanced coverage, but they are out of business; so no use in crying over spilled milk. But lets be honest, when was the last time you saw 5-6 hours of coverage on Labor Day of every single pro pass at the US Nationals? TNN didnt even do that, not even in their hayday. And ESPN now shows drag racing telecasts in their entirety. Does it suck when the broadcast is forced to start late due to tennis, baseball, basketball, or any other sport? Yeah, it does. But at least ESPN is still showing the complete telecast; which, ironically, causes the program afterward to aslo start late, probably ticking off the non-racing fan who is tuning in to catch whatever is scheduled after the drag race goes off. And while I agree that Paul Page probably needs to retire now, he was a good announcer back in his prime. In fact, back in the ’80’s and early ’90’s, not only did he cover Indy for NBC/ABC, he even worked for TNN helping Steve Evans and Brock Yates call some NHRA, World of Outlaws, and AMA Supercross, and I think he did pretty good (at least back then). But as far as ticket prices go, I agree that I wouldnt mind seeing them come back down a little bit…

  2. Negative? Maybe. But more than anything, I’m just pointing out the facts. Too many in the business gloss over or sugar-coat the sport but to be honest and accurate, the NHRA is the culprit and until that changes, not much will change and a sport that otherwise should be competing as a major league sport, will continue to stutter along.

    Thanks for the comment.

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