Update: John Force

A quick update regarding my post “How to destroy an empire … or “Lies”.  The tactic is clear; most everyone associated with the NHRA are using the strategy to “shuffle it under the rug” (as I stated) on John Force’s outburst.  That’s a classic PR move and one that may work – The Golden Goose and all.  A certain amount of fans will forget about it.  Whether that’s true of all fans remains to be seen.  Time will tell because right now in the blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter et al, people are seething at what John said … and that’s too bad.

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2 responses to “Update: John Force

  1. It would seem that although generally the John Force escapade into news opinion has been swept under the rug, John seems to have a chip on his shoulder (the size of a boulder).
    Whatever he may think of the media, they are the ones who helped put John on top marketing-wise. He’s sticking a middle finger in their eye – very risky – and it will bite him in the ass, if he’s not careful.

  2. UPDATE:
    You’ve got to be kidding! None of the major news sources said anything about the contrived finish to INDY (regarding Force). I’m very concerned about the lack of good journalism coming out of the drag racing circles. Drag racers have always been, “tell it like it is” folks, but it’s not happening. Sad.

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