Ardun-Merc Sets World Record

“theoretical limit”


Boy we’ve done it now, 147.05 MPH!  If you don’t think this is scary stuff, then read it right out of the gospel of drag racing.


Feb. 20th.   The Lakewood Auto Parts Special, driven by Bob Alsens, attained the fabulous speed of  147.05 today.  This, a new world record, is only 20 miles under the theoretical limit of 167 for the standing start quarter mile.  Powered by an Ardun-Merc, car has consistently turned in the 140 bracket.

Holy cow what are we going to do.  We must hurry to get our car over that speed before someone else does.  This would give us the world record, think of it, a WORLD RECORD!  But, then we have to be careful not to go over 20 mph. faster or … or what?  Is the sport ready for this?  Are the tracks, the operators and the public ready for something like this … but not to worry, we won’t be able to go over 167 mph anyway and it will be a long time before we even get close.  So we should be safe.

But what about the driver?  What will happen to the driver, if and when he hits that barrier.  Will he be OK?  Will everything just disintegrate or maybe just quit accelerating and everything will be fine.  God forbid if it should happen on a motorcycle.  We really don’t know because no one has accelerated to this speed before.  What about the Elapsed Time, (ET)?  Will a driver or rider be able to handle the G forces necessary for the acceleration needed to reach 167 in a quarter mile?  And just for talking purposes, what if … what if in an attempt to touch on the theoretical limit of 167mph, from a standing start, the attemptee goes OVER 167 mph!?  Will the ground shake?  Will there be some sort of an explosion?  Will we lose everything – car, driver, spectators?  This poses a real dilemma.  We need a fortuneteller and someone with a slide rule to really figure this thing out.

Well, fortunately we squeaked through this era but you can see the scary situations we ran up against back in the good ole’ days.  See ya’ at the races.

Ronnie Hier

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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