Lebron James is going to …

Announcement will be right shortly, but first this short interlude. 

Have you ever seen so much made of where someone is going who has yet to win anything except a lot of money?  The Cleveland Cavaliers were so bad they made the mediocre 1970 Lakers look good.  Also, the Lakers had to have “Ball Night” (I know, I was there) so people would come to see the Lakers.  I would like to think racing and in particular drag racing, could come up with some made up hype like this Lebron James fiasco.  They have sold more tickets in the NBA for teams that will never see Lebron so heck yea, I’d like to think up of some PR for drag racing.

OK, here’s the announcement:

Lebron James is going … oops, having technical difficulty’s.  What?  Martians are invading Pomona fairgrounds?  And Swooped up John Force?  Hmmm, this might work out yet.  OK anyway, um where was I…

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