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Is Nostalgia drag racing and all its associations Comfortably Numb?

They say the press release is dying.  Personally I think, like a lot of things in this day and age, the way information is sent out with so many avenues – it’s not any one single medium that will work.

I’d like to think the people in Nostalgia drag racing would use one of them.  Anything, really.  Just use some source whether it’s Facebook, email, press release or other outlets to get the word out.

Why do I say this?  Maybe it’s not fair but have you seen the news coming out of South Africa?  World Cup this, World Cup that.  Inundating us with tiny minutiae of facts and “news” that is quite boring.  I, like many drag racing fans, am always searching for information – in this instance, Nostalgia drag racing – all the time.  I know there are events, very big events, attracting tens of thousands of people and affecting millions of dollars in revenue for locales.  BUT can you find a story about the winners and losers from say the National Hot Rod Reunion, when it ended recently?  No!  Millions of dollars went into the Bowling Green area and tens of thousand attended everyday.  Not too many entertainment gatherings can say that but the day after the story was … nothing.  There was no story.  Shame on NHRA and the Museum but also shame on the people of Bowling Green.  Sure they had a few big write-ups about the coming show (including myself) and said everyone should see this spectacle but afterwards, zero, zilch, nada.

It’s easy.  A short quick press release saying just a few quick hits on the event and who won the big titles.  That’s all.  As Pink Floyd says: “I need some information first.  Just the basic facts.”

I’m not comfortably numb and would like to see the PR people, whoever they are, start doing some PR for a sport that keeps growing, no thanks to those involved.

What do you think?

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