I’m a ProMod

I’ve developed enough online friends to ask them some personal questions – about me.  Now, I’m not into these silly questionnaires (typically on Facebook) but have filled out more than a few before realizing you don’t know who someone is by asking him or her if they like the Rolling Stones or Beatles (pretty much a wash but used to like the Stones but now Beatles – see).

But I’ve blabbed enough on Twitter, Facebook and other social medias for others to get some idea of what kind of person I may be.  So the question was simply, what type of racecar (drag racing) do you think I am.  Yea, not the normal question but I was after something although, I’m not sure what that was.  I guess if you asked what kind of drag car you were and it was Lady Gaga, maybe I’d say a Funny Car.  Boisterous, loud, noisy, in your face and always in the news (John Force?).  Maybe Helen Thomas wouldn’t be a car at all but a press person who was out front, old, established, always talking, misplaced and not at all what you would consider for the position – like Paul Page.  Or how about Steve Jobs?  The slickest, fastest and best overall like a Top Fueler.

So you see where I’m heading as I was considered a ProMod.  Different, uncontainable, hard to peg and has a mischievous side.  I would never disagree with being compared to a ProMod as they’ve always been one of my favorites.  Personally, I will always love and think of myself as an AA Altered as I’ve mentioned before, but when I first saw a ProMod in the early 90’s (Shannon Jenkins), how could you not love these beautiful and unique cars.

I’m sure someone will come along with an app or some program to figure what kind of drag car you are, but anything that pounds the ground, likes to go in different directions and are beautiful to look at will be OK with me.  Ever picture people as cars?  Consider it and let me know.

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