Altered State

One of my favorite metal bands was Black Sabbath (one of the originals) and sadly the very talented singer, Ronnie James Dio, died last week.  Another favorite of mine who pops up in the news a lot is the PR marketing king, Steve Jobs (Apple).  What aren’t my favorites are soccer, so no mentioning the upcoming World Cup; nor anything Hollywood so I won’t mention Cannes, Lindsay Lohan or Robin Hood – wait, I just mentioned them.

What are my favorites are Hawaii, college football and motorsports, especially drag racing.  Just about any drag racing will get me going but to be honest, drag racing needs to be heads up.  I understand why we have bracket racing and some great drivers come out of these ranks.  But to take it a step further, drag racing needs nitro or at the very least, side-swapping, ground-pounders like fuel altereds, AA Gas Supercharged and Pro Mods.

When we first got back into drag racing in the early 90’s, Nostalgia drag racing was in it’s infancy. God bless him but Frank Fedak (ANRA) wanted drag racing the way it used to be – without the fans.  Hey, I counted 25 people in the stands, one brutally cold windy day at Palmdale. We had a beautiful Junior Fueler and had fun for some years until rules were broken without enforcement and cost sky-rocketed, but I digress.

Those early years had altereds, mostly running with the Top Fuelers, and to watch a AA Fuel Altered make a pass is well, a site to behold.  They make a straight line like you and I do when we right with our other hand.  Straight?  Not part of altereds repertoire.  The other class I love is the Pro Mods.  Pro Mods are kind of a takeoff from AA Gas Supercharged, and have one heck of a time going in a straight line.  When these classes hook up, it’s beautiful to watch.  I’m really glad to see this new World Championship being put together by Roger Burgess.  This will be a first and should bring quite a bit of excitement and interest to that segment of drag racing.

Everyone has favorites, whether it’s food, music, sports or …  You love to see them, enjoy them and share them – which I have with you.  What is or are your favorites?

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