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Four x 2

Nothing like a little controversy to keep drag racing in the news.  We had the big Four-Wide meet a few weeks ago in Concord and generally speaking, most don’t like it.  The drivers gave a resounding no, although some have recanted or backed away from the – absolutely no way no how – that we heard right after the race.  Fans weren’t all that for it because well, 4 cars are twice as hard to watch as two.  And to be honest, the races are so fast and over with so quickly, adding another variable just makes it that much harder to view.  Traditional ways are hard to break especially in drag racing.

It was just announced, they’ll be another Four-Wide next year at Charlotte so we’ll try it again and see if there’s an improvement in racing and viewing.  I’m glad to see it as Bruton Smith has done more for drag racing than even the NHRA and should be given every chance to use his beautiful facility.

BUT, how about this.  I might have mentioned this before but what about racing two at a time as is now traditionally done.  When a lane needs cleaned up, switch over to the other two lanes and continue racing.  The flow of racing for fans would be greatly improved.  It can be agreed the oil-downs are a bummer when watching the Floppers and Top Fuelers.  Here’s what may be the bigger gain; television.  Television has their problems and I’ve lost my mind on this subject more than I care to remember.  With a more even and consistent flow of racing, television has what gives the impetus to have live programming and move NHRA into the big leagues of sports.  This could in itself, solve a multitude of problems for drag racing.  Prominent marketers have said once drag racing figures out how to have live events, the skies the limit.

We’ll see another four-wide next year but I hope we see more four-wide “tracks”.  Then the sport might be able to move from it’s perch as the most popular sport most have never watched.  We have numbers, we just need the media to go with it.

And ooohh, wouldn’t it be cool to see four Nostalgia Top Fuelers going down the track at Bruton’s palace.  Try getting the old stuck in the mud group of Nostalgia guys to OK that!  Although with enough incentive $$$ …

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