Answer Man

They call it the Information Age.  The problem sometimes is too much information.  If you don’t have messages coming at you from several different angles, you’re a Tibetan monk (Hmmm, they might have something figured out there).  But like most things, if you want to know or find a subject of interest, you still have to research it and even then, there’s no asurety you’ll find what you want.  So you need information when you want it.

We’ve been involved in and around drag racing for a long time. In that time we’ve found, investigated and discovered a large amount of information – We want to share it.  So if you have a question related to anything regarding drag racing, ask us.  There’s no guarantee we’ll be able to answer everything but give it a whirl.  Go to our Answer Man page on the Eagle2Team website and email us.  Maybe you even have a question not pertaining directly to drag racing, we might have answer for that too.

So in the age of information, let us know what you think or better than that, we’ll let you know.

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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