iPad, Apps & Slow Adapters

Technology is with us in everything we do.  It also seems the latest technology is always advancing faster than you can keep up with.  In the end, we acquire or stay with most of whats important in today’s fast pace.  Lately, Apple’s iPad has been the talk of the town for the last several weeks.  Early adapters already have their gadgets in hand.  You may not be ready to have your life fastened to your hand and ear, so iPhones and iPads may still be around the corner for a lot of us.

So drag racers, did you see the latest app?  Yea, it keeps you updated on all the news regarding drag racing and in particular Nostalgia drag racing.  It’s great.  You can connect with tracks immediately, plug-in your location for the nearest race coming your way and … and, and only if it were true.  Why isn’t it?

The drag family is an interesting brood.  The marvels of speed, information and data, brought us technology advances akin to the space program.  They are unique in many ways BUT one of the areas that they’ve been slow to adapt to is technology.  OK, OK, easy, I know we use computers for data recovery and every major NHRA pro teams has banks of computers to decipher the latest timing issues, weather etc.  BTW, how you guys doing using analog tire gauges – not very 21st century and you’ll NEVER have the right air pressure – but I digress.  Well, on the other hand, there’s a point: Many in drag racing including teams themselves, DON’T use the latest equipment and knowledge because?  Stuck in their ways?  Actually I’m not sure why the EXACT hangup, but it’s real … drag racing has some catching up to do with technology … DRAG RACERS AND THEIR FANS ARE SLOW ADAPTERS.

Maybe if you looked into the psychology of drag racing fans, for the drag racing fraternity, what is new is old, if that makes any sense.

I include the fans because I’ve been dealing with them for years and for instance; when the Internet came along, I tried to get racing fans to purchase through our website but they wouldn’t have any part of it.  Even last year, trying to sell something as simple as a t-shirt, some wanted to send checks in the mail or at most FAX me an order.  It’s an odd bunch.  Don’t get me wrong, drag racing fans usually have as much or more in the way of electronics, cars, or what have you but they don’t want to step to quickly.   Drag race fans will buy and support the companies and products, ESPECIALLY, if it’s associated with a race team but they’ll never be first adapters.

Maybe it’s like they say in Missouri; Show Me.

Personally, I don’t see the iPad making it.  I mean, didn’t Bill Gates drag something similar idea out like a tablet computer several years ago and everyone just yawned and giggled?  Apple’s marketing is second to none even if their products aren’t, so we’ll see.

Well, anyway, now that I’ve lambasted (in a good way) my own ilk, let’s hear what you think.

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3 responses to “iPad, Apps & Slow Adapters

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  2. Great points in this post! I owned a racing tool/component manufacturing business prior to getting involved in the Internet in 1995. I first went to all my racing/auto connections to get them interested in the web and was told things like “It’s a fad.”, “It’s not for me”, etc. Now in 2011 we’re on a mission to be the leading developer of phone apps for the motorsports industry. I think when the financial case is made and the sponsor benefits, a lot of teams that know they have to operate like a business and engage fans for their survival, will come around. BTW – EVERYONE who didn’t want to know about the web in 1995 has had a web site for a long time now.

    • Just like any other human being, over time, drag racers and their fans are moving along. The 90’s? Prehistoric era. I really believe that whoever can put a 1st class Pro team together with a highly developed social media campaign, will be light years ahead of their competitors – And the same can be said for the sponsors who invest in the same campaign.

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