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A few years ago a gentleman by the name of Erik Arneson called me and said he would like a few minutes with me when I had time, to talk about an old friend of mine, Mickey Thompson.  Erik is the former design editor and motorsports reporter for USA Today and is now the Vice President of Media Relations for the SPEED Channel.  He is the writer of the book, John Force: The Straight Story of Drag Racing’s 300-MPH Superstar and he wanted to talk to me regarding a book he was writing about Mickey.  BTW, he found my name on a message board, of all places.

We talked awhile, about all the things that happened back when we were running at all the So. Cal. racetracks during the time that Mickey was managing the old Lions track at 223rd and Alameda in Long Beach Ca.  Boy!  What a trip down memory lane that was, all the fun, goofy and exciting things that happened while racing at that track.  Four at a time, LeMans starts, dragster vs. 1/4 horses, jets, foot races between all the drivers, you name it and Mickey tried it.


We racers of that time just cruised through all the happenings of the era as if nothing else was going on and for us there really wasn’t, so imagine my surprise after all this time, when a guy with the laurels of Erik Arneson calls ME and asks about my association with Mickey during my racing days, to help him with his research for his new book “Mickey Thompson: The Fast Life And Tragic Death Of A Racing Legend”.  I was totally taken back.  A few weeks after talking with Erik, I received one of the books, signed … by him, not only that but he mentions my name in several places in the book, wow was I surprised.  If any of you guys are interested in the “good ole days” of drag racing, I strongly suggest buying the book.  It’s great reading about a phenomenal racer, written by an excellent author.


See ya at the races ……… Ron

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