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What’s next?

I finally have my own cake

It’s always exciting when you have that rare program, game, event, birthday or what have you, which you look forward to.  Maybe it’s a TV show you can’t wait to watch.  Or possibly the bowling night or maybe that concert you long for.  In racing, well, it’s the next race.  If you’re going to watch it on the telly (although television has it’s own frustration I talked about earlier) or see it in person, your anticipation  as Carly Simon would say; “Is makin’ me late – Is keepin’ me waitin'”.

That leads me to Nostalgia drag racing’s schedule – or might I say, lack of one.  I realize this isn’t the NFL or even the NHRA Pro ranks but we just had one of the most famous races in motorsports; The March Meet. Fantastic! So what do we do after a historic weekend that saw one of its sons win for the first time and also its first female winner?  What do we do for a encore?  Ah, I said an encore?  Hello?  Just nod if you hear me.  Is there anybody in here?  Maybe we are all comfortably numb.  OK, no more Pink Floyd references but you get my gist.  The next race of any kind is still a couple weeks away in Sacramento, but it’s only Funny Cars.  Dragfest and Ignitor are at the end of this month but that’s almost two months after the March Meet!  What the folks on the east coast go through isn’t right either.  This isn’t cutting it.

Eventually, a series that will take into consideration both coasts and the middle of America, will be the kings of drag racing, especially Nostalgia drag racing because as I’ve mentioned before, Nostalgia drag racing has seen little of the downturn that all other sports have felt.  Couple this popularity with what has certainly become the best bang for your buck, entertainment-wise, and you have a sporting event unparalleled.

I know, I know, with the economy on edge, how do you go out and secure more races – more races incurs more costs and more costs requires more sponsorship.  I’m no sponsorship genie although I try but a good salesman should be able to sell this great motorsport if it’s worth it – the sponsors will be there.  Why wouldn’t you want to put your name out there with the most brand loyal fans in all of marketing?!  Plus marketing is all about engaging the customers and of course, nothing is more engaging than Nostalgia drag racing.

So what’s next as we lose our anticipation?  And how does a sport continue to throw away perfectly good emotional relationships with fans?  Top Petty sang “the waiting is the hardest part” but luckily for a little while, the schedule looks pretty good for May and June.  Somebody needs to take the bull by the horns and make a decent schedule – this sport offers passionate exposure, which no other marketing medium can effect or leverage.

How I ended up including three songs from the classic rock era?  Sorry but I grew up with them – they’re in my head.  Lots of stuff is waiting to get out of there – it’s scary.

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