We Are Family

Although a very catchy tune that sticks in your head, I was never fond of the famous song from Sister Sledge, “We Are Family”.  It might have had to do with disco or the Pittsburgh Pirates but that has a long explanation.  But it could explain a little of what I’m thinking.

Or maybe to borrow from another icon of 30 years ago – Cheers.  You know the place.  Fun, exciting and an All-American comfortable location.  It’s a restaurant, bar, gathering place, church, maybe a hangout at the beach or a favorite spot you go to, where everyones friends.  Ever notice when you go to see entertainment, the hustle and bustle of getting into and out is at the very least, contentious.  Impersonal yet expensive movie theater or how about the open spaces of a Nascar race, there’s an artificial feel with drivers cordoned off and/or not even seen by fans.

On the other hand, there’s not a more cohesive and family like atmosphere than at drag races.  The camaraderie is amazing considering no sport pits one against one (drag racing’s exception is four-wide).  For the fans, it’s the same.  These followers feel more welcome because well, they are.  And then you add Nostalgia drag racing, which is even more fan friendly and it becomes a one-of-a-kind face-to-face relationship not seen in any other sports.  OK, that’s nice, now why do I bring this up?

Maybe this is just a reminder, or possibly to inform but in a day-in-age when everyone seems on pins and needles, there needs to be that place you can go to let out a little steam.  Wow, while watching Fuelers scream bye.  Ooh, in the pits when a Blown Nitro behemoth shakes the ground – while you’re 20 feet away.  Ahh in strolling amazement, looking at the beautiful classic cars that most of these events have (not including the racecars too).  Incredible how young and old alike can get pleasure from the same thing.

So the next time you need a break, some entertainment and a relatively low cost diversion; consider a drag meet or better yet, a Nostalgia drag race event (with 100% Nitro).  NHRA’s Hot Rod Heritage Series’ and Goodguys along with numerous independent happenings, have events all over the U.S.  It’s fun, exciting and as All-American as they come – and always brings a little extra cheer.  And with all that’s going on around us now, also remember, as Sister Sledge sang, “Have faith in you and the things you do – You won’t go wrong”.

Wonder if  we ever will be able to watch television, to show our events to bigger audiences?  Na, you can’t get that up close and personal feeling.  But remember to bring ear plugs; and the runny eyes and nose?  We can live with it.  😀

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing


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