The problem is German rabbits

Just a passing thought (yea, dangerous).

Since there’s little to no racing on this Easter weekend and no big news to talk about – Oh, I could talk about a myriad of things but I digress – I was tooling around looking for and reading about Easter.  You’ve got to be kidding!  Know what I learned?  Rabbits and chicks have more to do with Easter than a little bit of history 2000 years ago.  Yea, look it up.  Rabbits everywhere.  And you’ll see jokes like the one here with chocolate bunnies.  Rabbits?  What has rabbits to do with the largest Christian celebration of the year?  You know where a vast majority of people will be on Sunday. 

I guess the same could be said for Christmas what with Santa and all but at least Santa has a connection to Christmas but I couldn’t find any reason as to what bunnies have to do with Easter.  Whether your a Christian or not, doesn’t this seem a bit trivializing?  Do we celebrate New Years with polar bears?  You know, January, snow, cold and polar bears?  Makes the same sense – they’re both fluffy animals and multiply like wild.  I did find one correlation with Santa and the Easter bunny – they’re both created by Germans.  Ya!  That must be it.  Those crazy Germans at it again.  Did you know Germans eat hamburgers with fork and knife?!  Yea, they’re nuts.  Hey, no nasty stuff from Germans.  Ich bin ein Deutsch – well half German.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent and it seems there are many more quirky oddities that bug me so they may show up every once in awhile.  Easter Bunny.  Huh!  I’m not sure the chicks and chickens whose eggs are also part of this Easter imagery makes any sense either.  Do chicks like rabbits?

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