Pow! Bam! Kablooie! Boom! Crash!

Ever notice on the TV series Batman, where the Dynamic Duo seem to get in the usual fight and they invariably get caught?  But as with these crime stoppers, they figure out out how to escape at the last minute with usually another fight.  You know as a kid watching these, somehow I didn’t come out of it violent – Hmmm.  Anyway, the cape crusaders would always come back for another day.  Friends, family et al were happy and Gotham was safe for another week.  Except did you ever think about what it was like going “to the batpoles” with just tights?  That’ll leave a mark.

Now you come to the adventures in racing.  No one in their right mind believes there isn’t inherent danger with driving a racecar.  Especially when considering drag racing.  But it’s calculated, with every nod to safety you can imagine and then some.  Every precaution is taken and amazingly, even in horrific accidents, nearly all drivers come out safe.  So you’re wondering where I’m going with this?

So many crashes are advertised and used on promo clips and sports shows, you almost come to get used to the view without thinking of the results.  They’re not always good.  Back in the day – and my dad can give a list of “friends” who passed away suddenly – drivers didn’t always make it and in fact, too many didn’t.  Even in modern times, good drivers like Medlin and Russell had their lives extinguished early.  And some of the best now, have had horrific wrecks that nearly cost them.  SO WHY DO WE GLORIFY DESTRUCTION?!

They kinda look like they're dancing - disturbing

These are not Rock’em Sock’em Robots that you put back again with tap of a hand.  These are real human beings with real families and friends just like you and me.  Television is trying to make a buck, I understand.  But the next time you see crash scenes over and over and over again; put a close family member in that seat and observe if you have a different reaction.  Bruce Wayne came back week after week as the Caped Crusader and we always expect our drivers to do the same but the next time you see a Crash!, remember there’s a living breathing person in the car.

Now believe it or not, TV’s Batman is still around and what is he doing?  Commercials with Adam West selling loans? Great Scott! Has the whole world gone batty?

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