Four the future?

Ever do something for the first time?  There’s apprehension, some hesitancy but general excitement.  You’re not sure what to expect but are hoping for the best.  Hey – clean minds here!

The just concluded Four-Wide Nationals at zMAX Dragway in Concord N.C. was at the very least, interesting if not a wild experience.  Opinions are plenty and there was much talk even among the regular news sources not usually associated with the sport.  That’s PR the sport of Drag Racing needs.  And congratulations to Bruton Smith for again being the ultimate promoter and visionary in motorsports.

So where do we go from here?  Was this just a one-off experiment, not to be done again?  Here’s a simple view from someone who by definition is obviously a purist.  Because most of us don’t like much change as it takes us out of our comfort zone, when offered a new way of seeing our sport, we tend to look askance at a new opportunity – And that’s what this is, an opportunity.

The sport of Drag Racing is the sporting worlds biggest kept secret.  I’d like to think someday, we will be treated and exposed like the major league sport we are.  Heck, only the NFL and Nascar have bigger fan bases.  The speed at which the cars (& bikes) went through eliminations was an eye-opener.  Much needs to done including how to put on a more efficient meet and maybe I’ll post my thoughts in the future.  But what if the Four-Wide Nationals was the secret weapon for breaking out of drag racing’s minor league status?  What if we had several four-wide meets throughout the year intermingled with the standard two-wide?  Could this be what creates fresh attention to our sport and stimulates new inspired interest, while giving these new faces the satisfaction and excitement to come back and watch or visit drag racing meets across this country?  I can tell you, a marketer would say a resounding, YES!

There are other rumored tracks looking at four-wide (including Vegas).  Many effects in drag racing need to change or be fixed but PR can make up for a lot deficiencies.  I say keep your mind open and even a Nostalgia drag racing fan like me sees the advantages and potential rewards this four-wide racing can deliver and so far, the fans seem to like it.  In the end, fans are really what matter.

Hey, I didn’t see any four lane oil downs. Whew!  Now about the rain delay and TV times …

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