Original Four-Wide

Everybody knows.  That’s a saying that probably is used a bit too much these days.  In this era of misinformation from the highest level, who is to say what everybody knows?  I’ve certainly learned, while researching drag racing, the amount of information everybody knows is different than what everybody else knows.  This is so true in drag racing because the early years going back to the 50’s, the information was and is sketchy.  Why?  News wasn’t saved back then electronically.  Sometimes it wasn’t saved at all.  Yea, can you believe they didn’t always have high-tech abilities to watch an event and send it thousands of miles away to be seen by the rest of the world … instantly?!  Neanderthal’s they were!  Probably had to rub two sticks together for fire in their caves.

The flagman in the middle - he gets a medal

Alright, onto today’s events.  Almost anything done now has been done before, in some sort of way.  For instance, the Four-Wide Nationals this weekend.  A lot of hullabaloo has been made and I’m all for it.  The more ink drag racing can get, the better.  In fact, I have some thoughts and will address this on another post.  But let’s keep the facts and history straight.  As much as it’s touted as a first this or that, they did the four wide drag race many times, for many years, long before Charlotte ever thought about racing.  It can be argued who did it first but as far as firsts are concerned, the meet this weekend isn’t the first in anything.  They had four wide at Lions in the 50’s and so many other tracks, I can’t even begin to count.  These were regular meets as well as exhibitions from the 50’s into the 70’s.

Everybody may not know the facts but there’s enough history saved up on old newspapers, which now are digitally with us forever.  And talk to any old-timer and almost all of them will tell a story of four-wide drag races.  So the next time you hear the reporters in Charlotte or any other city, remember the facts.

Alright, now let’s watch this exciting NHRA experience and see what happens when four Fuelers oil down, all at once.   😀

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