Street Racing

No funny quips here and this is going to be short and sweet.  Drag Racing is between two contestants racing from a standing start side by side on a DRAG STRIP – that’s why they call it DRAG RACING!  They have helmets, special suits, roll cage, officials for safety etc.  Only idiots sadly, race on the STREET – which is why they call it STREET RACING!  GET IT RIGHT!  We in drag racing work very hard to keep people off the streets but poor reporting from the media, along with uninformed attorneys who routinely ambulance chase the terrible street racing crashes, have an adverse affect and harm on our work to reduce this awful criminal instances of street racing.  75 million fans of drag racing enjoy a terrific and extremely safe sport compared to the hideous and appalling crime of street racing.

For the rest of us, be vigilant and keep people informed and remember, the best deterrent and prevention to illegal street races are drag strips.  Hideous Street Race CrashFamily based clean drag racing

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    • I find this blog posting very interesting because it also relates to the same types of issues related to competitive shooting. In both sports we all have to be constantly pro-active to dispel media, political, or uneducated perceptions, and most importantly demonstrate the finest traits of both sports.

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