Who lost it? I lost it a long time ago.

Of course, for you drag racing fans convenience, the NHRA will repeat their delayed (midnight for those on the East Coast, you lucky dogs) qualifying coverage of the Gator Nationals for Sunday morning at 10:00am Eastern.


We’re all here, so darn lucky to have the NHRA lookin’ out for usin’s.  NHRA television coverage on ESPN2 is 2nd to none, I’m tellin’ ya’.  I’m sure they’ll let us watch Stephen F. Austin vs. Sam Houston State first.  Boy howdy, them their Lumberjacks or Bearkats, who you rootin’ for?  It’s a toughy for me cause I was offered a scholarsheep by Lumberjacks but my new home team here in Paso, well weese a Bearcats (yea, I know, those folks down in Texas spelled er wrong).  Hmmm

Hey, do you notice that Californians don’t have accents?  We just talk like it came out of the dictionary.  Weird.

OK, you can go back to your live programming – we don’t get any of that in drag racing.  Our attentions spans are short (5 seconds runs and all) so maybe that’s why.  Huh.

Oh to be a drag racing fan, do da, do da – oh to be a drag racing fan, all the do da days  … Oh the do da days, oh the do …

Daryle W. Hier

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing



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