3840 inches missing

When it comes to racing and numbers, I can get fixed in my line of thinking.  I’ve loved numbers for a long time and numerology is fascinating if sometimes beyond my pay grade.  As far as racing, sometimes I can be a downright bigot – although not necessarily in a bad way (my opinion).

I understand all about the advances in technology and I’m all for it, for the most part.  Where I don’t always agree with is when these advances infringe on what I’d called purism.  I’m also a purist as far as racing is concerned and when it comes to drag racing, well, obviously from my love of Nostalgia drag racing, I’m enamored with the sports beginnings.  Which is where those missing inches come into play … I want them back.

Luckily for me, Nostalgia drag racing and in particular, my true love Top Fuel Nostalgia drag racing, run a front engine, blown, 100% Nitro behemoth that spews a lovely sound, smell and when you can clear your eyes, a sight to behold.  And besides running a dragster that is somewhat like (though technology-wise much advanced) what they smoked the strip a half a century ago – the races are run at a quarter mile.  Yes, 3840 inches (320 ft.) further than the current crop run now in the NHRA Pro ranks.

I have a tough time getting exited when talking about races and circuits who run 1/8 mile (let alone 1000 ft) – same thing happens when I watch indoor football.  My other love in sports is football but when you shrink the field in half to fit it into a smaller stadium, well its not football to me.  And how about this?  Why should they run around Charlotte’s mile and a half circle track when they can just run the tiny 1/4 mile track inside it.  Yea, it doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t work for me either.

So, whats the answer to the conundrum that is NHRA Pro Nitro racing?  Why not extend to 1/4 mile where it’s possible and leave it at a 1000 ft where no additional extensions can be made.  We need to keep the history of the sport and while, not every track will be 1/4 mile, we bring it back where possible – drag racing the way it used to be.  BTW, they could also slow the cars down dramatically but …

Now, I’ll be on my way to the next Nostalgia meet where real men (& women) drive front engine dragsters … at 1320 feet.

Home Of Nostalgia Drag Racing

FAN OF DRAG RACING BACK IN THE OLD DAYS?  CHECK OUT THIS GREAT BOOK – “Snake vs. Mongoose: How a Rivalry Changed Drag Racing Forever”


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  1. I really do like numbers. Did you know:
    111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321
    Cool, huh.

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